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Definition - What does job knowledge test mean?

A job knowledge test is an assessment used to judge an individual's knowledge about the various aspects of a specific job. A job knowledge test will assess the person's factual knowledge about the role as well as his or her procedural knowledge.

In contrast to an aptitude test that assesses an individual's natural skills and abilities, job knowledge tests are designed to confirm the individual's technical knowledge or professional expertise. The test assesses the individual's current state of knowledge about the subject matter of the test. However, the test is not designed to predict the individual's aptitude in applying that knowledge or his or her personality traits.

Job knowledge tests may also be called achievement or mastery tests.

SureHire explains job knowledge test

Most job knowledge tests are job or role specific. Passing a job knowledge test requires an individual to have knowledge that is specific to that job. A job knowledge test will usually ask questions related to each of the essential task for a specific job. In addition, the test subject will often need to demonstrate competence in the general job field. For example, an electrician would be expected to demonstrate a full understanding of the safety procedures related to his or her job in addition to the specific skills for the role being sought. A human resources manager might be asked questions related to employment laws as well as internal company policies.

A job knowledge test may be used by an employer to confirm an individual's fitness for a particular job. This test may also use to rank several applicants based on their performance on a uniform job knowledge test for the desired role.

Job knowledge tests may also be used for credentialing or certification purposes. For example, an individual might need to pass a series of job knowledge tests related to a particular set of skills to become certified in that skill set. In some instances, mastery tests are required by government agencies or self-governing trade organizations in order for an individual to be licensed to perform certain jobs.

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