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Definition - What does job matching to restrictions mean?

Job matching to restrictions is a process of comparing the physical demands of a job with the physical abilities of an employee. The demands of a job are usually determined by performing a physical demands analysis (PAD), which identifies the performance abilities needed for each essential task of a job.

Once the physical demands of a job have been defined, employers and employees may use this information to determine whether a specific job is a good fit for an individual worker. For example, an employee with a respiratory condition that prevents him or her from wearing protective respiratory equipment would not be a match for a job requiring this gear. Instead, a job matching this limitation or restriction would be a better fit.

Job matching to restrictions may also be called job function matching.

SureHire explains job matching to restrictions

Job matching to restrictions is often employed to assist disabled employees find jobs that are suitable for their physical limitations. Job matching may be used for individuals with permanent physical limitations or those who are temporarily disabled. For instance, an employee returning to work after an injury may need to forego certain physical activities, yet still be able to perform parts of his or her job. Alternatively, an employer might choose to place a returning employee in a different job until he or she is fully recovered.

Job matching to restrictions can also be used in retraining situations, such as the Veterans Administration providing vocational training for disabled veterans. In that case, job matching to restrictions is used to determine whether or not a veteran should train for a specific job or not based on their current disabilities so that the new civilian job will not make their condition worse.

In some instances, an employer may be legally obligated to provide a job matching an employee's medical restrictions. The circumstances under which such accommodations are required are defined by state and federal laws. In particular, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may require that an employer take reasonable steps to match a job to an employee's restrictions.

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