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Definition - What does job modification mean?

Job modification is a process designed to adjust work conditions, alter duties and functions, and/or reestablish job protocol as fitting for individuals with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides leverage to applicants and/or employees who sustain an injury or suffer from illness to request reasonable accommodations. A disability either limits or prevents an otherwise qualified individual from executing their job with efficiency, productivity, and skill due to a mental and/or physical impairment. Job modification steps may better accommodate an applicant or employee’s condition.

SureHire explains job modification

At the outset, applicants and/or employees are expected to inform their employer about a disability so that reasonable accommodations can be implemented. Companies may require submitting medical documentation to confirm disability status for financial and liability purposes. Employers must decide whether reasonable accommodations would incur undue hardship or, any circumstance that disrupts production and/or imposes costly expenditures, without violating ADA rights. However, job modification is generally a more economical alternative for employers to consider than training a new employee without experience and the set of necessary skills.

The objective with job modification is to target all facets related to a job and develop ergonomic and adaptive measures to meet applicant and/or employee needs. For instance, job modifications can include assistive technological equipment (i.e. raised platforms/ramps; auditory hearing devices), flexible work schedules, or reassignment to light duties.

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