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Definition - What does kinesiology mean?

Kinesiology is a multi-disciplinary field that focuses on anatomical mechanics or body movement. Kinesiology is not the same as applied kinesiology in which practitioners attempt to diagnose medical conditions based on muscle responses. In the workplace, kinesiology is used to evaluate the biomechanics of tasks. Kinesiology is also known as human kinetics.

SureHire explains kinesiology

Kinesiology involves the study of muscle movement and physical activity. While sometimes used to refer to the study of other animals as well, the term is most often associated with the study of human beings. Academic programs for physical education are also called kinesiology programs.

Kinesiology and ergonomics come together in the design process as ergonomics is concerned with the human body's performance as it relates to the physical environment. When applied in the workplace, the goal of kinesiology is to prevent workplace injury and improve human-machine interactions.

An employer may employ a kinesiologist to assist in workplace wellness as part of a comprehensive workplace wellness program. A kinesiologist may be responsible for creating a wellness space within the workplace, leading stretch and exercise programs, or providing on-site rehabilitative services.

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