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Definition - What does laparoscopic mean?

Laparascopic is a term used to describe medical procedures involving the use of a laparascope. The laparascope is a narrow tube with an attached light and camera. During a laparascopic procedure, this fiber-optic device is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision. Laparascopic procedures are used to examine abdominal organs and perform abdominal surgeries without the need for large incisions that can increase both infection risk and healing times.

SureHire explains laparoscopic

Because laparascopic surgery is performed using small incisions, it is less invasive than traditional abdominal surgeries. Often, the incision through which the laparascope passes is made in the navel. During the procedure, images from the laparascope are displayed on a video display. A diagnostic laparascopy allows images of abdominal organs and any abnormalities to be examined in real time and digitally recorded. Laparoscopic procedures are sometimes used to detect tumors or cysts.

For a surgical laparascopic procedure, small surgical instruments may be inserted through the same or other small incisions in the abdomen. For example, a surgical instrument may be inserted through another incision to perform a biopsy of abnormal tissue detected druing a laparascopic exam. Other laparscopic surgeries include appendectomies, gall bladder removal, and hysterectomies.

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