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Definition - What does malignant mean?

Malignant is a term attributed to medical conditions where cells reproduce rapidly and invade tissues in the rest of the body. A tumor is deemed to be malignant if it possesses the ability to spread to other cells and tissues where it can cause destruction by spreading to the rest of the body through the bloodstream and lymph nodes.

SureHire explains malignant

Cancer cells are typically referred to as being malignant as they grow abnormally fast and cause destruction in the body, however, the term is not exclusive to cancer alone. Hypertension and hyperthermia can also be classified as malignant but are not necissarily cancer-related. In this case, the term malignant refers to the condition’s ability to become increasingly serious.

Malignant cancer cells have a tendency to return after they have been completely removed and are often found in different locations to their original discovery. Cells that don’t spread through the blood and lymph nodes are called benign.

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