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Definition - What does medial plane mean?

The medial plane is an anatomical term of position.The medial plane divides the body through its midline. The medial plane passes through the sternum and navel, dividing it into two halves along a vertical axis. This term useful to an ergonomist when planning to accommodate, and describing the motions required in specific jobs. the medial plane is also called the median plane or midsagittal plane.

SureHire explains medial plane

Anatomical planes are conceptual flat surfaces that divide the body and its parts into sections for the purpose of allowing clear communication of anatomical locations. The medial plane bisects the body into left and right sides longitudinally. The division of the body from front to back is achieved by the coronal plane. It is important to note that while the sagittal plane also divides the body longitudinally it does not create two equal parts.

It is the midsagittal, or medial, plane that forms the midline divider, and all other parallel planes are called sagittal (parasagittal) planes. The medial plane forms the central vertical line that divides the abdomen into quadrants.

Divisions such as this allow an ergonomist to be specific in planning for which specific muscle groups are affected by certain job duties. These divisions also assist health care professionals in diagnosing the origin of an injury.

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