negligent hiring failure

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Definition - What does negligent hiring failure mean?

Negligent hiring failure is when an employer fails to perform the reasonable expected care that he or she is obligated to perform when hiring an employee for a specific position. The amount of due diligence and research required can vary greatly depending on the job in question. Employers can be sued for negligent hiring failure if one of their employees commits a crime or causes a loss while on the job.

SureHire explains negligent hiring failure

Negligent hiring failure refers to a situation in which an employer hired someone without doing their due diligence to try to ensure the employee was not a safety risk. The amount of research required varies greatly by job duties. For example, an employee with no contact with the public or customers would not need to be researched to the same level as an employee who would be entering client homes.

Employees can reduce the risk of negligent hiring failure by taking simple precautions. For example, performing background checks and drug tests on employees. It is important to note that there are different levels of background checks and an employee with extraordinary access to assets or people would need a more stringent check than an employee in a lower risk position.

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