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Definition - What does opt in mean?

Opt in is an action that a consumer can take to participate in surveys, data collection, or mailing lists. When dealing with credit offers, if they have previously chosen not to receive unsolicited sales offers they can also use opt in action to reverse that choice.

Regulated opt out and opt in notifications can be made by contacting the Federal Trade Commission either by phone or online or by notifying each of the major credit reporting agencies in writing. Other organizations may also accept opt out and opt in notifications for use with participating agencies.

SureHire explains opt in

Once a consumer has placed his or her name on a regulated credit offer opt out list the prohibition against contacting that consumer may stay in place for several years. At the consumer's choice, the opt out can even be made permanent. If a consumer later decides that he or she wants to receive preapproved or prequalifed offers, the that consumer must opt back in. This action removes the consumers name from the non-solicitation lists.

With regards to credit issues specifically, different federal and state laws permit consumers to opt in or out of receiving mailings or other unwanted solicitations from various companies such as credit card issuers and insurance agencies. In many cases, unless a citizen has specifically opted out from receiving these solicitations, agencies and list compilers are free to purchase the consumer's information from a credit reporting agency and send sales offers.

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