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Definition - What does oral fluid testing mean?

Oral fluid testing is a method used to collect a saliva sample from a test subject and analyze it for the presence of hormones, drugs, antibodies or other molecules. In the workplace setting, oral fluid testing is most often used to detect the presences of drugs or alcohol. Using an absorbent device to swab the test subject’s mouth, saliva is collected and then analyzed at the point of collection or sent to a lab for more detailed analysis.

Oral fluid testing may also be referred to as oral fluid drug testing, saliva testing, oral drug testing, saliva sample testing, or oral fluid specimen testing.

SureHire explains oral fluid testing

Workplace drug testing is designed to detect the use of drugs-of-abuse or illegal drugs by employees. Drug testing may take place prior to employment for pre-screening, or during the course of employment. Oral fluid testing permits testing for drugs or other substances in a manner that is less invasive than blood testing and less intrusive than urine testing. Point of collection tests (POCT) offer on-site results once a sample is taken, while lab-based testing requires that collected samples be forwarded to a lab for analysis. POCTs are considered less accurate than full-lab analysis. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the types of devices and methodology that may be used for oral fluid testing. It should be noted that not all government and private agencies accept oral fluid testing results for mandatory drug tests.

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