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Definition - What does osha outreach general industry program mean?

The OSHA Outreach General Industry Program provides training for workers and employers to become familiar in dealing with hazards in the workplace. Specifically, recognizing, avoiding, abating, and preventing safety and hazard issues in the workplace. The program also provides training in both worker and employer rights and responsibilities under OSHA guidelines.

The program offers both 10 hour and 30 hour training options, which are conducted by OSHA authorized trainers. The shorter 10 hour class is intended for general employee classes, while the longer 30 hour class is more in-depth and geared towards those with supervisory or management responsibilities who need to pass on information to others and take more responsibility in management of hazards.

The OSHA Outreach General Industry Program can also be called the OSHA Outreach Program.

SureHire explains osha outreach general industry program

The OSHA Outreach General Industry Program is a voluntary program for employers available in all 50 states and US territories.

The purpose of the outreach program is to promote workplace safety and health and to make workers and employers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards along with their rights and responsibilities. It is important to note that the outreach training does not fulfill the training requirements specified in various OSHA standards. However, while some states, municipalities, or other jurisdictions may require outreach training as a condition of employment, it is not an OSHA requirement. None of the courses within the outreach training program are considered a formal certification. Employers are responsible for providing additional training for their workers on specific hazards of their job as noted in many OSHA standards.

There are many benefits for an employer to provide the OSHA Outreach Program to their workforce including:

  • Shows employees that top management members are commitment to their personal safety.
  • Promotes a safety culture within the organization through peer training.
  • Improve hazard recognition skills in order to reduce workplace hazards.
  • Ideal program for small organizations who do not have a full time safety professionals on staff.
  • Reduction of workers’ compensation claims and costs due to more awareness.
  • Training is participatory, using hands-on activities and real world case scenarios.
  • Trainers are able to tailor the training topics based on the specific needs of their audience.
  • Emphasizes the value of safety and health to workers, supervisors, and management.
  • Outreach training is available in languages other than English (Spanish, Polish, etc.).
  • Employers who incorporate the program within their organization have the opportunity to settle lower citation penalties issued against their organization at more favorable terms.
  • Employers can implement the program as part of their new hire orientation for new workers and supervisors in order to start everyone off on the right foot with safety.

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