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Definition - What does overdose mean?

An overdose is the consumption of a drug that it is more than the recommended dosage amount or more than a person's body is able to tolerate safely. It can occur as a result of accidental overuse, where a person does not realize that the amount consumed is harmful, or as a result of intentional misuse, where a person uses the drug to obtain a high or to self-harm. In common usage when referring to illegal drug use, overdose is used to refer to a harmful quantity of ingested drug.

SureHire explains overdose

An overdose can be brought about by several reasons, such as sensitivity to prescribed or illicit drugs, combining illicit drugs, or taking higher doses of prescribed medication. For prescription and over the counter medications, it can occur in people of all ages but is more common in toddlers and people in their 30's. Overdose symptoms vary according to the substance and quantity consumed but can include loss of consciousness, coma, chest or abdominal pain, changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. An overdose can result in death depending on the drug and the amount ingested. Treatment for overdoses must be adjusted according to the dose and the drug taken, and normally involves having the stomach pumped or applying other specific medications to counter the effects of the overdose.

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