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Definition - What does protime mean?

Protime, which is also called Prothrombin time, is a clinical test that measures blood clotting factors, in particular, prothrombin, which is a protein generated by the liver that assists normal coagulation in the body. A laboratory technician administers the test by removing a patient?s blood and examining its biochemical properties to determine the length of time it takes the blood to clot when compared to baseline metrics. Protime evaluations contribute to identifying several factors affecting the clotting process including blood thinner prescriptions and vitamin K deficiency.

SureHire explains protime

Protime, also referred to as Prothrombin time, is a clinical test employed by a laboratory technician who collects blood from a patient in order to assess its coagulant factors, or its capacity to clot, according to time frame metrics that help to determine the relative health of blood and, if any, pathological conditions exist causing abnormal coagulation. Protime testing methods take into account several key elements that lend to normal blood clot formation occurring in the body. For instance, prothrombin is an important protein formed in the liver that regulates the physiological function of coagulation itself, aided systemically by proper dietary nutrition including adequate vitamin K absorption, in addition, appropriate monitoring and treatment for blood and liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and hemophilia.

Patients who are administered blood thinners such as warfarin (coumadin), for example, must have their prescription dosages regularly checked to maintain a safe balance between normal clotting and excessive bleeding. In addition, surgeons will authorize protime tests prior to operation in order to ascertain whether a patient is affected with a blood disease, which can result in substantial bleeding during the procedure.

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