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Definition - What does raja yoga meditation mean?

Raja Yoga meditation refers to the classical or supreme form of Hindu Yoga. Practiced by the followers of Hinduism and others, Raja Yoga uses meditation and controlled movement to focus the mind. Because this form of yoga places great emphasis on mental control and concentration, it is also sometimes referred to as mental yoga. By practicing each of eight steps of Raja Yoga, observers seek to follow its path to divine enlightenment. Raja Yoga can help an individual to achieve self-discipline and relaxation through its meditative practices. Raja Yoga is sometimes also referred to as Royal Yoga or just Yoga.

SureHire explains raja yoga meditation

The Sanskrit word Raja is synonymous with royal or king. Raja Yoga is considered the highest form of Yoga. It is believed to be the best or royal way of controlling one’s mind and thoughts.

Raja Yoga is made up of eight parts, or steps, along the Raja Path. The first two parts include lists of moral wrongs and rights such as avoiding dishonestly and cultivating self-control. Three steps involve physical control through the uses of held poses and motions during meditation. Breath control and focus on one’s heart rate are also a part of this meditative process. Finally, three stages of Raja Yoga address mental discipline.

Reaching the ideal meditative state in Raja Yoga requires fixed attention on a single thought to the exclusion of all else. Raja Yoga practioners believe the goal of such control over the mind and body is to achieve ultimate bliss and enlightenment.

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