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Definition - What does rejected for testing mean?

Rejected for testing relates to a specimen bottle that is denied validity upon receipt by a laboratory based on the discovery of a fatal flaw associated either with the specimen bottle content(s) and/or the relevant chain-of-custody form (CCF). Problems with the CCF can include errors in detailing appropriate information such as the collector’s printed name and signature or a mismatch between specimen ID numbers on bottle and CCF form. A medical review officer (MRO) is authorized to void the test followed by immediately contacting the employer seeking clearance for the subject in question to resubmit a test specimen.

SureHire explains rejected for testing

Rejected for testing applies to a specimen bottle, typically containing a urine sample, that fails to meet the requisite standard for approval by a laboratory technician at the time of delivery. A rejected for testing scenario results in a fatal flaw. A fatal flaw can be caused by a negligent oversight during the process of depositing a specimen into a sealed, tamper-proof bottle and labeling the appropriate identification including the collector’s printed name and signature, corresponding specimen ID numbers on the bottle and chain of custody form (CCF) for verification purposes, and shipment to the necessary facility for analysis. Some examples of fatal flaws can include a damaged specimen bottle resulting in leakage and potential adulteration, insufficient volume of urine contained in collection tube, collector’s name, initials, or signature omitted on specimen bottle and/or CCF documentation. Incidentally, a medical review officer (MRO) is appointed to cancel the original testing and contact the designated employer to request the employee submit new specimen.

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