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Definition - What does screening compliance standard mean?

The screening compliance standard is a group of federal employment regulations which pre-employment assessments of job candidates must follow. The purpose of the regulation set is to ensure that all applicants are provided with the opportunity to prove themselves as capable of meeting the physical requirements of a job where the position is physically demanding by nature.

SureHire explains screening compliance standard

The federal screening compliance standard seeks to ensure that pre-employment testing is fair to all candidates and not being used as a way to discriminate against particular candidates. Workplace injuries have large financial and legal implications for employers. Where a pre-employment screening is used to mitigate the risks of hiring a candidate that is not physically capable of performing a job, the employer must comply with certain screening regulations. These regulations are set out by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. The regulations set dictates that a candidate may only undergo a medical examination once he/she has received a conditional offer of employment. The examination may not be a general assessment and it must be job-specific. Also, all candidates who have received an offer must undergo the same examination, rather than only some candidates for the position being screened. Where a candidate is found unable to meet the physical demands of the job, the offer may be retracted by the employer in some cases. However, the employer may be required to make adjustments and accomidations for the disability when possible.

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