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Definition - What does sleep pattern mean?

A sleep pattern, also referred to as sleep-wake pattern, is a biological rhythm that guides the body as to when it should sleep and when it should wake. It is one of the body's circadian rhythms and typically follows a 24-hour cycle, controling the body's schedule for sleeping and waking.

SureHire explains sleep pattern

A person's sleep pattern is an important factor in their overall health and wellness. The reason for this being that sleep serves to replenish the body both mentally and physically. A person's sleep pattern can be affected by several factors. Temperature and environment can influence sleep patterns to become longer or shorter – warm climates can promote daytime napping and shorten evening sleep periods. Drugs, alcohol, stress, age, physical activity, and quality of sleep obtained are other important factors determining sleep patterns.

Sleep disruptions and changes to the sleep pattern are particularly common in shift workers and nighttime work environments. These interuptions and changes from a naturla sleep pattern lead to fatigue and safety risks.

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