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Definition - What does synthesizing mean?

Synthesizing is the interdisciplinary application of combining knowledge from field experts to support practical methodologies that are most favorable for individual patients following an evidence-based practice (EBP) model, consolidating branches of rehabilitation services including occupational therapy, orthotics/prosthetics, physical therapy, psychology, and speech therapy. An EBP approach operates on a systematic tier in terms of measuring the validity of evidence including quantity (number of studies), quality (reliability of studies) and the consistency of findings against the baseline criteria for accuracy.

SureHire explains synthesizing

In synthesizing results, a grid or table is a viable format for highlighting the metrics from previous case studies, serving as a template for comparative evaluation. The critical appraisal is the framework for establishing a clinical question underpinning different aspects of research including the type of study, participant/setting, intervention technique, and outcome results. The EBP construct is useful for compiling data and cross-referencing source material featuring articles that designate the current mode of practice and any recommendations or suggestions necessary for improvement.

Synthesizing information is a demonstrative means to compute and weigh EBP-based facts from preceding case studies to determine its compatibility in assessing a patient’s rehabilitation treatment progress over a graduated time frame. The coordination between occupational therapists and physical therapists is a synergistic partnership that is conducive to interpreting musculoskeletal risks against workers’ compensation claims. The enlistment of a certified ergonomic assessment specialist (CEAS) and certified industrial rehab specialist are also conduits for helping individuals with disabilities or injuries meet the physical demands of a job.

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