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Definition - What does training environment mean?

A training environment is a workplace or educational setting designed to assist individuals in gaining work-related skills or competencies. When a student or employee is placed in a training environment, they are provided with instruction and guidance toward learning how to perform specific tasks.

In a training environment, instructors have an opportunity to identify gaps in an individual's skill set and make adjustments. A proper training environment will include clearly defined goals, instruction, and appropriate feedback. Unlike learning through general observation, learning in a training environment is guided and intentional.

SureHire explains training environment

Training environments may be used in educational settings or in the workplace. Vocational programs for industry specific jobs are an example of a training environment. Other students may be exposed to a training environment through internships or apprenticeships. In the workplace, training may be conducted for new hires as a part of their hiring process. Further training may be conducted to improve or supplement an employee's existing skills set. A common example is a company sending all new hires for customer service through training in company procedures, policies, and software training before being placed on calls with actual customers.

A training environment must be one which allows trainees to learn and practice the desired skills. Creating such an environment may include bringing together several components such as written and oral instruction and hand-on training. Through intentional employee training in a supportive training environment, employers can realize enhanced productivity, lessen the need for direct employee supervision and decrease the incidence of accidents on the job.

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