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Definition - What does verified test mean?

A verified test is a drug test result that has been certified to have been obtained through proper procedures, with accurate equipment, and reviewed by a medical professional. In DOT testing, the test result is generated by a laboratory certified by the Department of Health and Human Services where it is then reviewed by a licensed physician and the final outcome of the test is determined by a licensed physician. The outcome of a verified test can be negative or non-negative. The purpose of this test is to ensure the validity and integrity of the final result.

SureHire explains verified test

Verified tests are an important part of maintaining drug test program reliability. When an employee, or job candidate, tests positive in a drug test in the workplace within the Department of Transport, it is not a foregone conclusion that the person is a drug user. Accusations of drug use can have far-reaching consequences and the results must be properly evaluated before that determination is made.

In order to verify the results, a suitably qualified and experienced professional is required to perform this task. The reason for this is that there are many mitigating factors that could cause a positive drug test result. The Medical Review Officer is typically mandated to review the results, apply their experience and knowledge to the factors involved and revert with their findings.

The Medical Review Officer is required to evaluate whether the data received is forensically reinforced before arriving at a final outcome and reporting the results to the employer.

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