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Definition - What does vocational evaluator mean?

A vocational evaluator is someone who is trained to conduct vocational assessments and to assist individuals in identifying suitable jobs and career paths. A vocational evaluator will consider information from several sources, including input from the individual, to put together his or her career recommendations.

A vocational evaluator may have a degree in vocational evaluation or counseling. Some vocational evaluators receive certification from organizations such as the Commission on Certification of Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluation Specialists. In some cases, a vocational evaluator will also have studied psychology or other related fields.

A vocational evaluator may also be called a job counselor or vocational counselor.

SureHire explains vocational evaluator

Vocational evaluators play an important role in workforce development and rehabilitation services. Individuals seeking assistance in career or job placement may be asked to perform skills tests, personality assessments, and other measures that are then reviewed by a vocational evaluator.

The vocational evaluator may also serve as a counselor, interviewing an individual and helping them understand the career options available to them. Vocational evaluators often serve disadvantaged communities such as adults who are developmentally delayed or have other mental health conditions, are physically disabled, or those who have experienced prolonged unemployment.

Additionally, vocational evaluators are sometimes called upon to assess an individual's employability and earnings potential. For example, spouses in a divorce may be asked to undergo a vocational evaluation to assess whether either should be awarded spousal support.

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