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Definition - What does warrant mean?

A warrant is an order or writ issued by a court permitting a specified action to be taken.

When an employer seeks a background check on a prospective employee, information about past and outstanding arrest warrants may be included in the resulting report. However, some states may prohibit an employer from considering past warrants when determining an individual's suitability for employment.

SureHire explains warrant

A warrant may be attached to a location, a property, or an individual.

There is also more than one type of warrant, and specific kinds are used in specific situations or for specific purposes. For example, a search warrant authorizes government agents to search a building, a person, or electronic record, among other things. An arrest warrant, on the other hand, authorizes government agents to arrest the person named in the order. In civil cases, a judge may issue a bench warrant ordering that the named person be brought to appear before the court.

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