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Definition - What does warrant for arrest mean?

A warrant for arrest is a legal document ordering the immediate apprehension of an individual suspected of committing a crime. A judge or court official is authorized to issue warrants when evidence supporting a case serves a legitimate reason to arrest a person pending legal action. Local law enforcement officers are dispatched to the location of the suspect whether it is at home, work, or during a roadside stop to implement the arrest.

SureHire explains warrant for arrest

Many people receive a warrant for arrest document providing relevant information including the name of the suspect and the criminal charge(s) listed explaining the nature of their offense. Prior to issuing a warrant for arrest, legal grounds is established by way of probable cause and usually two incriminating sources of evidence as a means to facilitate court proceedings. A warrant for arrest can entail a number of criminal violations such as breaking and entering, grand theft auto, murder, smuggling and theft.

Exceptions to the rule apply in some cases, for instance, felonies stand as serious crimes that require immediate arrest negating the issue of a warrant for arrest. In the workplace, employees can have run-ins with the law engendering contingent appearances by local enforcement officers where a warrant for arrest is authorized. Employers should take proactive steps where a warrant for arrest dictates professionalism in the concerted effort to avoid embarrassment, maintain privacy, and uphold safety and security measures. This can entail having an employee report to a staff meeting office or isolated area to confer with the officers issuing the warrant for arrest.

Because warrants for arrests can happen on random occasions, employers must use sound judgment in terms of cooperating and coordinating the arresting process with law enforcement officers in the pursuit of justice.

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