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Definition - What does work habit mean?

A work habit is any one of the behavioral, ethical, and practical elements applied by employees in contributing to job performance standards that meet company guidelines. A solid foundation of good work habits sets a precedence of efficiency, productivity, reliability, and teamwork. Basic work habits can include cooperation, effective communication, following policy, organization, punctuality, regular attendance, and time management. Employees who utilize good work habits can extend their normal job duties and tasks by assisting their peers in an auxiliary role to optimize company efficiency and productivity to meet the bottom line (profitability).

SureHire explains work habit

Individuals who adopt and demonstrate exemplary work habits on a consistent basis are valued by employers who, in turn, should reward employees with promotions to honor their service. For many people, developing good work habits is fundamental to job security, earning a favorable reputation with employers and coworkers, respectively.

A history of good work habits can be beneficial when conducting a job search for future employment opportunities. Qualified applicants can use a previous employer(s) coupled with personal references who will validate the potential candidate’s recent work status. However, many employees who retain a job position over a period of time fall into a routine, developing monotonous work habits, leading inevitably to carelessness.

As a result, workers are susceptible to work site accidents and incidents resulting in serious injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. In fact, research indicates that a majority (eighty percent) of injuries are directly caused by negligence or oversights to current safety protocol measures.

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