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Definition - What does worker trait group mean?

A worker trait group is a set of occupations that are included in a category or subcategory based on the work traits shared by the occupations. These worker trait groups allow employment counselors and prospective employees to seek job opportunities based on a set of work traits associated with those jobs, rather than limiting the search to jobs based on titles alone.

Using a worker trait group, an individual who is artistic and enjoys physical activity might decide to pursue a career in the performing arts worker trait group. An artistic person who is quiet and introverted might look to the literary or visual arts instead. In contrast, someone who is detail oriented and has an aptitude for critical thinking might review jobs in the science or engineering worker trait groups.

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Many of the worker trait groups used by employment and vocational counselors were created as part of the Guide for Occupational Exploration (GOE). This guide includes information about the numerous personalities, aptitudes, and educational levels that are used to define specific work traits.

An initial set of twelve career areas were defined in the GOE based on the interests and requirements of the occupations categorized therein. Each of these groups was then subdivided into sixty six worker trait groups. Additional subgroups were also created. The sharing of a standard coding system allows individuals, vocational professionals, and employers to easily communicate the and compare careers and job fields.

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