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Definition - What does worker trait profile mean?

A worker trait profile is the product of an assessment of an individual worker's work traits. These work traits include his or her personality, aptitudes, abilities, and limitations. A complete worker trait profile will often list many different work traits and indicate the individual's score, or rating, for each one. These scores may be arrived at through reviewing the individual's work history, conducting personality or aptitude testing, interviewing the candidate, or through other methods.

A worker trait profile is a tool used to match a prospective job seeker with available jobs. By comparing the worker's profile to the available job description, employers or vocational counselors can determine which job is the best fit for that person.

SureHire explains worker trait profile

Most jobs require a employees to have a combination of skills, aptitudes and abilities. While job skills may be learned through training programs, individual aptitudes and abilities are often inherent. To help job seekers locate jobs that are best suited to their combination of skills and abilities, a vocational counselor or employer may create a worker trait profile for that person.

Examples of information that might be included in a worker trait profile are the worker's educational development, temperament and disposition, physical strength or endurance, and level of attentiveness. In addition to listing his or her strengths, a worker's trait profile will contain information about any physical, emotional or mental limitations the person may have. This inclusion of limitations or weaknesses can prevent the person from being placed into a position where they would have difficulty succeeding.

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