Top Twitter Feeds to Follow to Stay on Top of Marijuana Laws

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5 September 2023

Top Twitter Feeds to Follow to Stay on Top of Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is at the heart of many legal controversies. As more states continue to locally legalize medical and recreational use in defiance of federal laws, we can expect more rapid law changes and court rulings that affect how employers drug test and what rights employees have with regards to marijuana.

On way to stay on top of these laws is to follow the Twitter accounts of industry leaders and experts. This list was compiled after reviewing tweet content, follower numbers, freshness of information, and other indicators. Note that we could not include all influential voices, some because they don't use Twitter, and some because they only tweet sporadically. Our goal is to provide you with a list of accounts to follow in order to keep up to take on the best information.

Did we miss somebody? Let us know!

MPP Marijuana Policy
Marijuana Policy Project advocates the legalization and regulation of Marijuana using alcohol controls as a model.

Drug Policy Alliance
The leading national organization working to reform drug laws with a grounding in science, human rights, and compassion.

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Marijuana FOUR20
Publishes news articles and updates on cannabis legislation and legalization.

Medical Marijuana Inc.
The first publicly held organization involved in marijuana and hemp industry growth.

Vape America
Advocate of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana by Canadian Cancer Survivor Network
Medical marijuana news account run by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network.

Dedicated to publishing cannabis news, technology, and legislative updates on both recreational and medical marijuana.

News and information about medical and recreational cannabis including legislation and product information.

Canabis Culture
Twitter account for Cannabis Culture & Pot TV, focusing on news, entertainment, and activism.
Marijuana news, advocacy, pricing, and shop information.