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Definition - What does 15 panel drug test mean?

A 15 panel drug test is an expanded variation of a 10 panel drug test covering the presence of drug metabolites from various legal and illegal substances found in the system. A standard urinalysis is conducted to identify the following drugs: amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, methamphetamines, opiates, Oxycodone, in addition to ecstasy (MDMA), Meperidine, methaqualone, phencyclidine (PCP), and Tramadol and in some tests, alcohol. A 15 panel drug test is a quick, efficient, and inexpensive method utilized by employers during pre-employment and random drug screening procedures to determine whether applicants and/or current employees are drug-free.

SureHire explains 15 panel drug test

Drug use is a prevalent issue that carries adverse consequences for individuals struggling with addiction. Many people compromise different aspects of their personal and professional lives, experiencing detrimental health concerns that often translate to functional performance in the workplace. Telltale factors that cost businesses significant economic setbacks including absenteeism, recurrent work site injuries and/or illnesses, and, in turn, increasing workers’ compensation claims.

Federal and state laws have different regulations for companies that uphold drug screen protocol, but some industries and government agencies dictate, without exception, mandatory drug testing. For instance, the Department of Defense and transportation fields including airlines, railroad, trucking, or any major commercial vehicle operations require drug screens when filling safety-security and/or safety-sensitive positions. Although a 15 panel drug test can target use of specific drugs, it has a limited capacity in identifying the broad number of legal and/or illicit drugs available on the market. Psychedelics (i.e. lysergic acid diethylamide-LSD, mescaline, peyote), and a potent over-the-counter synthetic drug called Kratom are a few substances that do not appear on routine drug testing panels.

Employers that incorporate 15 panel drug tests in health and safety policies helps establish a criterion for maintaining a drug-free environment, motivating employees to refrain from chemical dependency, and streamlining productivity in the workplace.

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