Accident Prevention

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Definition - What does Accident Prevention mean?

Accident prevention is a process that involves the deliberate avoidance of accidents that may occur on a job through protocols, procedures, personal behaviors, and training. Accidents are typically the result of any number of unexpected circumstances caused by different factors associated with deficient safety protocol measures. Many job roles entail a certain degree of danger or risk involvement, for instance, construction work presents high physical demands to workers making accident prevention a top priority.

SureHire explains Accident Prevention

While accidents are generally frequent occurrences in the workplace, identifying symptoms preceding the accident can lend evidence to a root cause. For instance, an employee may slip on a wet surface (symptom), which can lead to an accident if an employee sustains an injury. Managers, supervisors, and safety management members are obligated to conduct an investigation, collect facts, interview victim(s) and any witnesses present, and confirm or repudiate reports.

The investigation team may also determine whether the victim(s) involved followed safety policy and procedures including proper use of protective personal equipment (PPE), maintenance of all tools/vehicles, unimpeded work space, and avoidance of shortcuts.

Both employers and employees carry the responsibility of keeping their work environment free from hazards. In the event an accident happens, employees have a narrow window of time to report their case to the right authorities in order to draw workers’ compensation claims benefits. Employers who apply safety signage at designated work areas, provide current training methods, and complete accident reports in a timely manner sets a precedent in accident prevention.

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