Custom Molded Hearing Protection

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Definition - What does Custom Molded Hearing Protection mean?

Custom molded hearing protection refers to specially equipped earpieces (i.e. earplugs) that conform to the ear canal, with the purpose of diffusing the transfer of sound where the noise-level decibel range falls at or exceeds the average-weighted value of 85 decibels (dba). In the workplace, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a common problem in many industrial sectors where overexposure to chronic noise factors makes employees susceptible to permanent hearing loss.

SureHire explains Custom Molded Hearing Protection

For many employers, a hearing conservation program serves as a dynamic initiative for targeting ambient noise issues, and the program may include strategies such as promoting custom molded hearing protection devices. Multiple factors play into a hearing conservation program, such as noise assessment, audiometric testing, inspections, maintenance, and current records as a mainstay against excessive noise levels where hearing protectors can benefit. Custom molded hearing protection earplugs are practical alternatives with various serial models featuring silicone-based composition, membranous vents to equalize incoming sounds against echoes, and attenuating (reducing) frequency amplitudes to moderate the volume of sounds. Employers can refer to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) regulatory guidelines surrounding hearing protection devices, highlighting the proper selection, care, and usage tailored around environmental conditions across industrial settings to optimize custom molded hearing protection safeguards. When choosing custom molded hearing protection, noise reduction rating (NRR) and single number rating (SNR) are graded indexes that comparatively measure the attenuation (reduction) provided by hearing protectors against legitimate workplace scenarios. Employers must educate their workforce about NIHL-based hazards that often result in gradual hearing impairment until hearing loss ensues, and promote custom molded hearing protection as a means to help curb the incidence rate for systemic hearing deficits.

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