Evidence-Based Training

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Definition - What does Evidence-Based Training mean?

Evidence-based training (EBT) is a way to train professionals with strategies that are backed by valid research and results.

Evidence-based training in the workplace is considered important as it is based on instructional methods that have a proven track record and avoids instructional methods which remain unproven. Methods that employ evidence based training use visuals, audio and text to facilitate training.

SureHire explains Evidence-Based Training

In the context of healthcare, evidence based training involves using current research and clinical expertise to make the right decision for patient care. Treatment is meted out based on what research studies and their results dictate along with the professional prowess of the health care provider.

This type of training involves an exhaustive study of research materials including randomized control trials (RCTs), systematic reviews and meta-analysis before deciding on the best course of treatment for specific conditions.

As opposed to mere opinion or belief of practitioners, evidence-based training in medicine looks for scientific literature to validate the best practices in the field. This type of training encourages doctors to study the evidence before establishing a treatment plan.

This term is also applicable to a vast number of fields outside the world of medicine, where evidence-based training refers to improving safety practices based on data collected regarding accident prevention. This involves analyzing past accidents and common industry hazards and devising a plan that identifies these hazards and a way to minimize them.

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