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Definition - What does Exposure mean?

Exposure refers to the condition of being in the presence of or affected by something. In ergonomics, exposure is used to identify the contact between an employee and an element of the job. This is often used specifically to refer to exposure to a risk factor related to the development of musculoskeletal disorders or other job related injuries.

SureHire explains Exposure

When used in ergonomic analysis, exposure is usually used in conjunction with the modifiers intensity, frequency, and duration. The exposure is the actual contact between an individual and the element being evaluated. For instance, when examing an employee's exposure to glare, the examiner would first note the presence of excessively bright light in the employee's work environment. The frequency, duration, and intensity of the glare would then be considered to determine the overall impact of that factor on the employee's health, safety, and comfort. One of the goals of ergonomic design in the workplace is to minimize employee exposure to ergonomic hazards.

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