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Definition - What does Kinesthesis mean?

Kinesthesis, also called kinesthesia, relates to the perceptual awareness of various body movements that hinge on the interplay between bioelectric signals from the brain in direct response to environmental cues. A kinesthetic learner often relies on physical activities to help in learning, retaining, and performing job duties and tasks.

SureHire explains Kinesthesis

Unlike the five senses (i.e., touch, taste, smell, vision, and hearing) that operate on external stimuli, kinesthesis is an innate concept that underscores physical engagement of the limbs through alternating body positions that indicate normal locomotion. Kinesthesis represents a subcategory under the VAK/VARK model of learning, an interdisciplinary technique of different preferred learning styles focused on individual needs toward theoretical and practical applications. In the workplace, kinesthesis is an automatic function of conducting essential job tasks that often require interactive mobility through hands-on experience, cooperative teamwork, and manual training procedures to keep par with job performance standards.

Although preferred learning may imply limitations, research suggests that most people are adaptable to combining distinctive learning methods, for example, visual learners can capitalize on kinesthetic exercise formats among colleagues. Moreover, study indexes show that kinesthetic learning carries marked benefits from improving critical thinking analysis, retaining information, and muscle memory through repetitive work practices. For companies, an ergonomically-designed workplace that leverages integrative technology including modifiable workstations (i.e., adjustable office furniture), alongside periodic rest breaks are useful tactics in promoting kinesthesis.

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