Occupational Testing

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Definition - What does Occupational Testing mean?

Occupational testing is a process used to assesses key factors (such as physical ability, impairment and substance abuse, auditory function, lung health, etc.) of a job candidate for a position in a line of work.

SureHire explains Occupational Testing

Occupational testing results can serve as an aid for employers who need to select the right person for a job. A good example is the level of competency to handle essential job duties based on physical demands or cognitive ability.


In many cases, the type of occupational testing performed by an employer will reflect their health and safety policy based on job standards that a candidate must meet to keep the workplace safe. For instance, fit-for-duty (also known as fitness-to-work or fit-for-work) tests, drug and alcohol tests, and training programs can temper safety risks against the fold. Third-party administrators (TPAs)/ occupational testing providers aim to help employers find a good fit based on test results.

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