Performance Measurement

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Definition - What does Performance Measurement mean?

Performance measurement is a methodology that covers quantifiable analysis of different facets of a business organization including efficiency, consumer/customer satisfaction, ergonomics, and productivity as it relates to strategic planning in maximizing a company’s bottom line. The underlying premise of performance measurement tactics allows employers to compile data surrounding operational factors that contribute to sound business practices against the defective protocol that may require improvements.

SureHire explains Performance Measurement

The interrelationship between employers and the workforce to engineer performance measurement goals is a practical approach in maintaining seamless processes of job functions to avoid business stagnation. Statistically, leading indicators and lagging indicators serve as a performance measurement criterion by drawing comparative metrics between solutions to offset workplace injuries (leading) against the ratio of previous accidents (lagging) on record. Ergonomics is a vital system for gauging the relative health and safety of employees in their ability to meet job demands, playing an integral role in performance measurement.

For employers, ergonomic risk factors can translate into economic constraints and liabilities where employees can develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) from deficient workspace accommodations. A critical aspect of performance measurement with any business begins with an overarching appraisal of an employee’s work environment and available resources necessary to meet essential job tasks. Because ergonomics reflects the stability of a company, direct feedback from employees along with control group studies provides the groundwork for consolidating facts about experiences of physical pain levels and concomitant emotional disturbances along with pending improvements to resolve the situation.

Evaluating performance measurement results and tracking their processes are mandatory to avoid future setbacks, especially with MSD-related cases, stemming absenteeism and workers’ compensation costs, in turn, streamlining productivity. Performance measurement incorporates diverse elements in business, so universal participation among management and personnel helps furnish the momentum to sustain companies.

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