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Definition - What does Pinch Grip mean?

Simply put, a pinch grip is when the hand grasps an object with the thumb on one side of the article and the rest of the fingers on the other side of the article. For the pinch grip to be successful, the individual must be able to pick up the object without any portion of the object resting in the palm of the hand. Some researchers consider a pinch grip the ability to grasp an article with just the thumb and one finger.

SureHire explains Pinch Grip

Just about everything done during the day depends on the person’s ability to grip and feel what he is doing. A task may be as simple as picking up one sheet of paper or more strenuous tasks such as picking up a serving plate.

There are 35 muscles that play a part in a pinch grip. These are all muscles in the forearms and hands. A pulled muscle can affect just how hard of a grip one can achieve. There are certain groups that believe a person’s nutritional balance can be determined by testing the strength of a pinch grip. The more healthy the diet, the better the grip will be.

Studies have been conducted with the senior population on pinch grip strength. Women in the golden years do not have the same pinch grip as they had in their 40’s. Also, those with arthritis, whether osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, will see a decline in their ability to make a firm pinch grip.

Those who have undergone surgery to correct Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) will have tests to determine their pinch grip strength. This is a sign of how successful the surgery was and if there is need for further physical therapy. The leading way to determine pinch grip is by using a dynamometer.

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