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Definition - What does Single-Trait Work Sample mean?

A single-trait work sample is a vocational assessment method used to evaluate an individual's aptitude as it relates to an isolated work trait or characteristic.

During a single-trait work sample, an individual is asked to perform a work-related task or series of tasks that allow observers to assess his or her skill level or competence with a particular focus on the targeted trait. To assess the individual's capabilities, his or her performance may be compared to a standard or expected performance level. These metrics used for comparison are sometimes referred to as work sample norms.

Single-trait work samples may be facilitated by a vocational evaluator or vocational specialists.

SureHire explains Single-Trait Work Sample

Single-trait work sample assessments are one of several types of work sample assessments. Work sample evaluations are created using information drawn from actual jobs. The sample assessment permits an individual to try out the tasks associated with the sampled job in a simulated environment.

In a vocational rehabilitation setting, a subject's performance during the work sample assessment may be used to evaluate his or her readiness for work. The information gained through these assessments may also be used to predict the individual's likelihood of success in a particular job. Employers may also use work samples to assist them in making placement, training and promotion decisions.

Single-trait work sample assessments are limited to a single characteristic or aptitude. However, The ability being evaluated by a single-trait work sample may be an element of several types of jobs. Tests that measure an individual's physical dexterity or ability to recognize colors are examples of single-trait work samples. Knowledge of computers, operating a vehicle, or reading might also be the subject of a single-trait work sample.

Other types of work samples include job samples or cluster trait samples.

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