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Definition - What does blood glucose mean?

Blood glucose is the chemical form of sugar that is transported by the blood to each of the cells of the body. The body is fueled in part by calories derived from this sugar. In a healthy body, a normal amount of glucose is present in the blood and is processed by the cells on an ongoing basis. However, in some cases, the body fails to properly process its glucose stores or does not manufacture the right amount of glucose. This malfunction can result in a situation where an individual's blood glucose is either too high or too low.

High or low levels of glucose in the blood can cause complications ranging from fatigue, thirst, and hunger in mild situations to unconsciousness, coma, and death in extreme cases. Individuals with diabetes often experience abnormal blood glucose levels and must monitor their blood sugar regularly using a blood glucose test.

SureHire explains blood glucose

Blood glucose also refers to the measurement of blood sugar levels in the body. A blood glucose test is the method used to determine whether a person has high or low blood glucose, or blood sugar. If a person's test results show a milligrams per deciliter glucose level that exceeds the normal range, he or she is said to be hyperglycemic. If the individual's glucose level is low, he or she may be hypoglycemic.

An average adult's blood glucose levels with vary throughout the day. Before a meal, a person's blood glucose may be as low as 70 milliliters per deciliter (ml/dl). After a meal, blood glucose levels often rise. A healthy individual should have a blood glucose level of 140 to 180 ml/dl one to two hours after a normal sized and balanced meal.

Physicians may conduct blood glucose tests under controlled conditions to determine if a person has high or low blood sugar, or is pre-diabetic. Blood glucose levels are also considered when making a diabetes diagnosis.

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