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Definition - What does clute cut mean?

Clute cut is a distinctive cut pattern for gloves featuring a seamless, uniform piece of fabric for the palm and adjoining four digits with a straight thumb inset, fortified by three visible seams running parallel on the backside of corresponding fingers. Although clute cut designs are preferable for their comfort and durability, their protection against abrasions, burns, and cuts/lacerations often reflect the fabric gauge (thickness) of different materials.

SureHire explains clute cut

Clute cut gloves are generally fashioned from cotton or leather, each respectively falling under a categorical grade system for rating comparative usability and versatility when employees conduct manual tasks, often determining their efficiency. The shell material represents the composite membrane or exterior surface that preserves the integrity of the glove; for example, cotton serves as a buffer against skin abrasions while leather can resist moderate heat temperatures. It is imperative to measure the circumference of the hand to ascertain the proper fitting size for employees, adding to the flexible and sustainable capacity to withstand rigorous tasks associated with clute cut design gloves.

For many employers, the clute cut design is an economical selection provided its base material construction (i.e., cotton, leather) is robust for handling simple tasks where the risk of incurring an accident or injury is relatively low. However, all gloves are subject to industry standard regulations following a scale index for assessing protection to deter abrasions, cuts, punctures, and tears, matching resistance variables to the type of glove in question. Employers should refer to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and CE ratings guide to ensure a clute cut style glove is suitable for meeting essential job tasks against potential liabilities due to a hand injury.

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