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Definition - What does ergonomist mean?

An ergonomist is a professional who studies, designs, and evaluates human work systems with the goal of optimizing the performance and safety of those systems. Ergonomics is sometimes called the study of "the interaction between man and machine." An ergonomist may collect data, observe work processes, and interview workers in order to evaluate and propose changes to improve the ergonomics of a particular worksite. An ergonomist may also be called a human factor engineer.

SureHire explains ergonomist

Ergonomists study the interaction of humans with the physical elements of their work, or other environments. The goal of an ergonomist when evaluating a work place is to design or alter a job and its workspace so that it best fits the physical attributes of the employees. Alterations may include the production of better suited furniture or a redesign of the work process or the entire physical space where the work is done. Lighting levels, chair designs, workspace heights, and much more are included in what an ergonomist works with to design an optimal workspace.

An ergonomist will use standardized information about the human body to craft an optimum product or design, but may also consider the individual needs of a specific employee assigned to a particular job or task. An ergonomist applies information and resources to mold a physical environment in such a way as to provide optimal comfort, safety, and efficiency to the human users of that environment.

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