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Definition - What does light therapy mean?

Light therapy is a method for treating physiological and/or psychological imbalances including depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain sleep disorders by simulating natural light exposure. A device called a light therapy box emits ultraviolet light that enters the eyes, stimulating photosensitive cells in the brain that regulate circadian rhythm cycles. The benefits of light therapy can help prevent irregular sleep/wake patterns, especially during seasonal changes coupled with a history of a medical condition such as depression and/or a sleep disorder.

SureHire explains light therapy

Light exposure contributes to the biochemical health of the brain that can influence distinct aspects connected with cognitive abilities, temperament, energy levels, and homeostatic stability. Although light therapy treatment can bolster emotional and physical welfare, moderate exposure to ultraviolet light is ideal to avoid damage to the skin and/or eyes. For this reason, it is advisable for individuals to consult a physician to determine whether light therapy is a good fit for them. For instance, people diagnosed with bipolar disorder can experience symptoms of mania where erratic behavior and disruptive thought patterns become problematic.

In many cases, seasonal conditions are primary components that lend to emotional and physiological well-being, often reflecting factors including alertness, efficiency, morale, motivation, and persistence. Employers face the challenge of ensuring that a workplace environment provides sufficient lighting where employees can perform at an optimal level. Research analysts indicate that mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder predispose people to feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress, undercutting productivity.

Light therapy is a soluble measure in neutralizing melatonin, the biochemical agent released in the brain that induces sleep as ambient light decreases. Some companies are introducing light lounges, which are designated spaces featuring specialized lighting where employees can take breaks to replenish their energy. A workforce that engages light therapy treatment can enhance mental awareness, improve concentration, and foster a culture of positivity to streamline production.

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