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Definition - What does spinal canal mean?

The spinal canal is the channel formed by the circular cavities in the vertebrae, starting from the base of the skull and terminating at the tailbone. The spinal canal performs an important function in the human body as it sends impulses between the body and the brain, enabling them to communicate with each other. The spinal canal is also called the neural canal and the vertebral canal.

SureHire explains spinal canal

The spinal canal is formed because the vertebrae of the spine are layered on top of each other, causing the circular cavities of each vertebrae to line up and create a vertical passage from the skull to the tailbone. The cavity is formed by the lamina, pedicules, and the posterior of the vertebrae. Within the spinal canal is the spinal cord and nerve roots that are surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid which acts as a shock absorber. The spinal canal serves as a protective device for the spinal cord, which is the control center of the body and manages all reflex action.

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