Safety Management System

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Definition - What does Safety Management System mean?

A safety management system (SMS) is the infrastructure to target and control hazards and risks via ways to stay ahead of the curve through risk management solutions. Field experts use data metrics as an objective tool to study trends pooled from SMS logistics to curb the rate of accidents in the workplace. Employers may draw on in-house SMS protocol to help shape and enforce health and safety policies. 

SureHire explains Safety Management System

A safety management system builds on a holistic approach to make the workplace a safer environment scaled by top-down touchpoints through a proactive plan to stem health hazards and risk factors on the job. Hence, organic growth can translate to the number of incidents or accidents that can disrupt the workflow. To that end, an SMS model can reflect a multi-stage process for the players involved. Risk management, worksite inspections, team rapport, full compliance, and safety awareness models are a few examples in the mix.

The tradeoff of a safety management system is rooted in the belief that a health and safety policy is a byproduct of job performance. Employers can advance an SMS platform tailored to the company's goal through onboarding and employee retention.

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